Hever Castle: childhood home of Anne Boleyn

Hever Castle: home of Anne Boleyn

Hever Castle, 30 miles southeast of London, was the home of two of Henry VIII's queens—one tragic and one lucky—and the pet project and home of America's richest man in the late 19th century. Visit it to explore its early medieval keep, its Tudor rooms, and its 125 acres of exquisite gardens.

Today Hever Castle is a popular tourist attraction that tells the story of Anne Boleyn’s life and her relationship with Henry VIII. A number of rooms may be explored throughout Hever Castle that each represent the elegance of the Tudor era and the wealth of its past inhabitants.

What you learn:
There's more than enough to do at Hever Castle, both inside and out, to fill at least a day and maybe more. Much of what you see when touring the house is a recreation, dating from William Waldorf Astor's reconstruction of Hever, but there are many real Tudor treasures to be found:
  • Tudor rooms
  • Henry VIII's bedchamber
  • Tudor portraits
  • Anne Boleyn's own words
  • Gardens

Opening times
Grounds open - 10:30
Castle open - 12:00
Last admission - 16:30

The average duration of the tour is 3 hours.

Additional exhibitions and expositions:
You can visit temporary exhibitions if tickets and time are available.

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