konstantin palace in saint petersburg, official residence of the russian president

The Palace has become the main ceremonial residence of the Russian President in St. Petersburg. You can choose an exciting tour of the palace and the park, as well as the wine cellars, to learn about the history of the palace and its modern purpose.

Konstantinovsky Palace was built in the early 18th century and became a perfect symbol of the era. Since its construction, it belonged to the Russian imperial family, and its owners were members of the Romanov dynasty.

During the Great Patriotic War, the palace was badly damaged, but was fully restored at the beginning of the XXI century, having received the status of the main ceremonial residence of the Russian President in St. Petersburg and the name "the National Congress Palace ". 

Available tour options:

1. Konstantinovsky Palace: a special collection.
You will see the most valuable and significant items from the Konstantinovsky Palace collection, including Russian paintings, graphics, and objects of decorative-applied art from the 18th-19th centuries. You'll also visit the palace's ceremonial halls, where the main official events are still held today.

2. A glimpse from the present to the past:
You will visit the ceremonial halls and living rooms of the Konstantinovsky Palace, along with the official presidential apartments and halls for meetings and receptions, in an informal setting. Not only will it all take you back in time and let you feel the spirit of bygone centuries, but also let you appreciate the importance and functionality of the space of "the National Congress Palace ".

3. Majestic parks and alleys:
You can also visit the parks of the Konstantinovsky Palace to enjoy the luxurious alleys along the canals of the recreated regular park, secluded grottoes, as if meant for romantic encounters, and admire the spectacular views of the Gulf of Finland.
The tour takes place in spring and summer.
4. The art of Wine collection and winemaking:
Since the 18th century Strelna has been home to a collection of Hungarian wines which were a favorite of Peter the Great. His daughter Elisabeth I was fond of the dessert Hungarian wines "Tokaj" and knew a lot about champagne, which she brought to Russia.
The tradition of keeping wine in the cellars of Strelna was revived in 2003 when the Prime Minister of Hungary presented a collection of Tokay wines to the Russian President as a diplomatic gift.
During the tour a professional sommelier will tell you about the history of winemaking and the specifics of vintages, as well as about the composition of different wines. Then you can taste the special wines of the collection in a pleasant atmosphere and talk about winemaking.

Working Hours: 
10.00 - 16.00

Average tour duration is about 5 hours.

*For your comfort, we arrange a car service with a professional driver.
*On your tour you will be accompanied by an experienced and licensed (highest category) guide.

*On the days of state holidays, the palace is closed to public.
*Booking is possible at least 3 working days before the tour. 
*You may choose one or more of the offered tour options.
*Only mini-groups are possible.